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Concept Design for an athletic arena project - copyright 2016 - Rufus Butler Seder

Years ago, a fascination with antique motion picture toys led me to wonder if I could create movies on a grand scale using no electricity, moving parts or special lighting. After some experiment I developed an 8& square, three-pound, lens-ribbed glass tile, which I called a LIFETILE. By combining many LIFETILES, I found I was able to create large-scale &Movies for the Wall&: optical wall pieces that appear to come to life, move and change when the observer walks by.

Since 1990, I've created large-scale LIFETILES murals for the Smithsonian Institute, AMTRAK, the BART subway system in San Francisco, science museums, aquariums, zoos and dozens of other public places around the world. I’ve only recently started designing smaller, limited-edition LIFETILE compositions for galleries and private collectors.

In my work I try to capture a motion that defines the subject to the observer. I want you to feel the weightless thrill of a dancer's leap or the elastic coil and spring of a running cat. When I succeed, I feel as though I've created a little bit of life itself.

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My optically animated gifts, toys, books and single LIFETILES are available from Eye Think, Inc.